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#ThankASuper Spotlight Series: Darren Bache

In honor of international “Thank A Golf Course Superintendent Day,” we’re highlighting some of the outstanding superintendents within the KemperSports family.

Darren Bache (pictured far right)
Golf Course Superintendent
Cypress Head Golf Club (Port Orange, FL) 

# of years worked at Cypress Head: 4

Total years worked in the industry: 30

How did you get into the golf maintenance industry?
I was studying to be a landscape architect in college and started working on a golf course. I loved it so much that I changed majors to pursue turf management.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
Early mornings, working hard and seeing the results of the hard work.

What advice would you give to your younger self or younger superintendents just starting out?
Develop relationships with other superintendents in your area, ask a lot of questions, always listen and never stop learning.

 What is a career accomplishment you are most proud of?
Having a long and successful career in the area where I was raised.

 What insight do you have about the future of the industry? Are there any innovative practices you’re helping lead to benefit the environment/your facility?
I think as the population grows and more land becomes developed, golf courses will be seen and appreciated more as a beneficial green space for wildlife and recreation and hopefully less as a source of environmental concern. Last year we started a no-mow buffer area around all our lakes and planted thousands of native beneficial aquatics in the littoral zone to help with pesticide and fertilizer runoff and encourage aquatic birds.

What are some of the most helpful forward-thinking practices that have benefitted your facility?
I think being certified and following the best management practices for Florida golf courses has greatly benefitted Cypress Head.

What does the game of golf mean to you and how has that helped fuel the passion you have for your career?
It means playing with my friends, who are other supers, at their courses and mine. Seeing what they are doing and how their course conditions are helps us all motivate each other to be better.

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