Inspired by a genuine love of the game, our company was built on a passion to make every golf experience memorable. Since the pandemic, the game of golf has experienced record growth and significant changes. As an industry leader, we understand the great responsibility we have to drive the game forward and ensure tomorrow’s players come to a sport that is welcoming, accessible and one that they can call their own.

We recognize the scope of this undertaking, and we know that it’s impossible to do it alone. That is why we created this page – a place to not only celebrate all the game-changing work being done by our properties nationwide and people like you – but to also create a community of movers and shakers who are every bit as focused on growing the game as we are.

Together, let’s #MakeGolfCool!

National Golf Day

National Golf Day is a three-day industry-wide celebration of golf’s many economic, charitable, environmental and fitness benefits. We are incredibly proud to work in an industry that generates such a widespread and positive impact and thank everyone for playing a role in making golf the best game there is.

To celebrate, our Community Advisor Roger Steele caught up with our CEO Steve Skinner and some of our guests to learn what golf means to them, their favorite part of playing the sport and what they hope the future of the game looks like.

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Together, Let's #MakeGolfCool!

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