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At KemperDestinations, we understand the commitment to excellence that comes with carrying out a vision to create a world-class resort. Drawing on years of experience in managing premier properties, we are the industry leader in delivering memorable experiences at some of the most renowned venues in the country.

We offer a customized approach that simplifies ownership responsibilities and helps drive financial performance by meticulously managing all aspects of the business, including long-range planning and budgeting, accounting, sales and marketing, food and beverage operations and environmental stewardship.

From our own experiences, we know the moments that last forever. At KemperDestinations, our mission is to provide these moments for our clients, members and guests. These moments spill over into the relationships we build and help us create unforgettable experiences. Our approach is tapping into the unimaginable and harnessing it to make it possible. Our creativity and attention to detail is how we deliver exceptional service for our clients.

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Property operations

Our operations team hires, leads and trains your staff to support engagement and quality services. Through leadership and guidance, we develop and execute financial plans and initiatives that drive growth for your business.

Our buying power is steeped in a 40-year history of creating and maintaining strong relationships and connections. We set up industry-leading programs to provide you great value and support in your partnerships.

We have hundreds of clubhouse and golf course renovations under our belt. Throughout these projects, our development team works
closely with your team to ensure the project stays on track and that it not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

We offer a range of financial services, such as financial management, reporting and analysis, and budgeting and forecasting. We provide you with the key insights you need to evaluate all details of your operation.


With facilities that pride themselves on providing top-notch course conditions, our team helps you establish quality benchmarks and risk mitigation strategies to keep your course running efficiently, guaranteeing that your players come back for more. 

Our team develops preliminary, short and long-term capital plans focusing on improving the property’s overall value, as well as enhancing the customer and staff experience. Our diverse portfolio of projects, along with 40+ years of experience, provide positive return on your investments.

Our Food & Beverage Department provides expertise to help you maximize revenue through menu concepting and innovation, strengthened service and training, operational efficiencies and purchasing strategies.

We have decades of extensive expertise in managing hospitality operations, understanding the importance of creating valuable and unforgettable experiences for our guests. By streamlining business operations, our customized approach simplifies ownership responsibilities and drives an increase in business revenue.

We know it's not a "one size fits all" strategy to run a successful retail operation; each facility, region and clientele is different. We help you deliver a highly curated and constantly-evolving retail offering with industry leading brands.

We identify the latest technology in our industry and implement it on behalf of our clients to better communicate with customers and staff and maximize revenues through progressive marketing, analytics and reporting.

As operators and advocates for the game, we are committed to sharing our love and passion for the sport with every kind of player. We provide creative programming and partnerships to bring new people to your facility and keep current customers engaged.

We know events, big and small. We have the reach, influence, operational expertise and deep industry relationships to attract tournaments, outings and major events to your facility.

Property Marketing

Decades of experience in branding and positioning allows us to successfully explore your target markets and build a captivating marketing plan backed by a solid understanding of demographic, local and market trends.

From marketing plan development and implementation to communication strategy and engagement, we utilize proven marketing and sales tactics to maximize the earning potential for your property.

We offer and use a series of revenue management tactics to maximize revenue channels for all the properties that we support. Depending on your financial goals, we have a variety of customized tools and technology to support your mission.

We’re here to help tell your story. Working closely with your marketing team, we increase visibility for your facility through proven public relations tactics and integrated marketing communications strategies. 


Whether it is recruitment and retention efforts, wellness programs or safety national programs, our goal is to build a passionate and diverse team of hospitality professionals who deliver exemplary customer service to all players, guests and partners. 

We dedicate ourselves to building relationships with local communities and businesses by giving back to local charities and creating opportunities that foster connection through exciting golf and non-golf experiences.

TrueService™ is our proprietary customer service training program that gives your staff the tools they need to operate with a service-centric approach. 

TrueLeadership™ represents our commitment to developing and supporting key leaders across the organization. Our proprietary TrueLeadership™ training program identifies high-potential staffers and helps them grow and develop into better managers and leaders of our company.

We Do Things Differently Because We Can.

We are a privately held property and experience management company with the agility and willingness to follow our instincts that put us above the rest. We offer a boutique, personalized service to our clients, from single-course properties to multi-experience resorts. It’s our competitive entrepreneurial spirit that fuels us.


We Take it One Relationship at a Time.

Our company was built on family values. We have and always will act and conduct business with integrity while holding our relationships sacred. We treat our business, our teams, our clients and our customers like family. We focus on building one relationship at a time to grow and positively impact our communities.

We deliver results. Period.


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