Month: September 2018

Uniquely Dedicated – Val D’Souza, Vice President of Operations

September 27, 2018

KemperSports Vice President of Operations Val D’Souza discusses his unique inspiration behind the soon-to-be completed renovations at Forest Creek Golf Club in Round Rock, Texas. An excellent example of the management team engaging the community, one that embraced the property.


Uniquely Dedicated – Keith Hanley, Vice President of Operations

September 26, 2018

We are uniquely dedicated to our clients and meeting their goals. Vice President of Operations Keith Hanley takes a look back at what that unique dedication and commitment to our client meant as the team prepared to open Streamsong Resort. #golfisgreat


KemperSports’ Green to a Tee Program Protecting Golf Courses and the Environment

September 21, 2018

KemperSports Vice President Keith Hanley recently discussed the company’s proprietary Green to a Tee program with Steve Pike. The program fosters sustainability through responsible maintenance practices at facilities nationwide. See the article here ›


Creating a Fun Escape for Our Customers – Dean Lytton, Regional Operations Executive

September 17, 2018

KemperSports Regional Operations Executive Dean Lytton shares his perspective on the company’s impact on building community & creating fun escapes for our members & guests. Pictured here are guest experiences at Tunica National Golf & Tennis, The Home Course and Streamsong Resort.


Passion for Best in Class Service – Jody Graham, Regional Operations Executive

September 10, 2018

KemperSports Regional Operations Executive, Jody Graham, has been working in the golf industry for more than three decades. Listen to learn about his passion for delivering best in class service with a commitment to meeting client goals.

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