Photo of Grant Rogers, Director of Instruction at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, Oregon

KemperSports Golf Professional Feature: Grant Rogers

KemperSports is one of the largest employers of PGA professionals in the country. In conjunction with our ongoing player development initiatives, we will share features on golf professionals within the KemperSports portfolio of properties – experienced individuals dedicated to growing the game and sharing their passion for golf with others.


Grant Rogers
PGA Master Professional, Director of Instruction at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Bandon, OR)
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Q: What motivated you to begin teaching?
A: I thought that teaching golf would be fun and I thought that I would be really good at it. I also thought it would be a great challenge to help a variety of golfers improve their golf games.


Q: What has been the most impactful moment in your teaching career thus far?
A: Matt Allen was the Director of Golf at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in 2000.  The most impactful moment in my teaching career was when Matt Allen offered me a golf professional position at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in the main lodge on September 1st, 2000. I had  experience teaching golf before I arrived but I realize now that my teaching career really started  the moment I became a golf professional at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.


Q: What advice do you have for a beginner picking up the game?
A: One bit of advice for beginners is that it is pretty easy to play golf but really hard to play golf really well. I think it is a good idea for beginning golfers to take golf lessons from experienced golf professionals.  Taking golf lessons will help beginners save time and accelerate their learning experience.  It is also the one of the best ways for beginners to learn the most important golf fundamentals.  It is also an advantage for golf professionals to help beginning golfers find the right golf equipment.  Beyond that it is really important to encourage beginning golfers to never give up and to always enjoy the game no matter how they play.


Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: My job is different every day.  It is challenging dealing with a variety of personalities and lots of golf problems to solve.  I’m at the point in my teaching career where I know I can help any golfer at the Bandon Dunes Practice Center with their golf fundamentals and during on-course playing lessons with their strategy and club selection.


Q: In your opinion, what makes golf great and fun?
A: Golf is an unusual game because you can have a great time playing golf by yourself or with other people.  Golf is so simple a child can play it and it is so difficult that no one can master it.  Golf is an outdoor game and is usually played I on beautiful courses in beautiful areas.  You can play golf as long as you can walk and hit golf balls with golf clubs.

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