Hole at Olivas Links in Ventura, California, with photo of Carl-Van Vallier

KemperSports Golf Professional Feature: Carl-Van Vallier

KemperSports is one of the largest employers of PGA professionals in the country. In conjunction with our ongoing player development initiatives, we will share features on golf professionals within the KemperSports portfolio of properties – experienced individuals dedicated to growing the game and sharing their passion for golf with others.


Carl-Van Vallier
PGA General Manager at Buenaventura Golf Course and Olivas Links (Ventura, CA)


Q: What motivated you to begin teaching?
A: I owned a golf club fitting and manufacturing business when I was 17 years old and found that most of our clients would need help swinging a club to be able to fit them.  As my business grew, I began to realize the relationship between good golf mechanics and equipment producing happy golfers.  It was during this time that I developed a working relationship with a nationally recognized instructor and he became my golf coach and mentor in golf swing principles and theories that improved my game as well as my clients.  I began studying more about the golf swing and produced positive results for myself, friends and my clients.  At that point, I decided to become a Golf Professional and I was hooked with helping golfers improve and have more fun.


Q: What advice do you have for a beginner picking up the game?
A: Not necessarily advice, just a message to all of my new golfing friends to please keep in mind, we “Play” golf, we don’t “work” golf.  Play is the key word, and playing is synonymous with having fun so enjoy the beautiful surroundings, meet some new friends, and have fun with your golf.


Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: The most rewarding part of my job is the connecting influence golf has with all ages and generations.  I have had the pleasure to meet some of the most wonderful people who have helped me in my life.  I’ve also had the privilege to have given back and mentor young men and women in their life choices.  Some of the most rewarding and proudest moments are seeing my younger staff and students grow into awesome adults and keeping in touch regularly because of and through golf.


Q: In your opinion, what makes golf great and fun?
A: In my opinion, golf is great and fun because here are so many different reasons why people choose to learn and or play golf.  It’s those differences that give us the ability to be able to relate with other golfers and make a connection because at some point we’ve been drawn to the game for the same reason or rationale.  It’s also an ageless and timeless game that we can share with anyone whether it be playing a round together or simply having golf be the common ground in a conversation between strangers.

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