Marketing trends in golf 2021

Digital marketing trends for 2021 in golf course management

KemperSports marketing leaders highlight marketing trends in golf for 2021

  • Ed Jackman, who has worked for KemperSports for nearly a decade with experience at both the property and regional level and supports clients like Heron Glen Golf Course and Galloping Hill Golf Course. In 2021, Ed would like to create a local search book/SEO playbook for the properties that include how to leverage Google Business, maps and reviews, and build search results in local markets.
  • Ani Carillo, who has been helping to lead marketing initiatives at KemperSports for five years working with properties such as Sand Creek Station and The Wilderness GC. For the New Year, Ani’s resolution is to continue to encourage properties to make technology upgrades. She wants to help properties leverage communication features and data patterns that will optimize email and other messaging to all customers. This will assist with customer engagement and improve the frequency of play.
  • Mary Kate Walsh, who has been with KemperSports for four and a half years and works with properties such as Bolingbrook Golf Club and Deerpath Golf Course. For 2021, Mary Kate’s marketing resolution is to utilize new and existing digital marketing platforms to maximize reach and efficiency for the golf properties she oversees.
  • Kylen Trevor’s 2021 marketing resolution is all about looking at the big picture. Kylen has been with KemperSports for nearly eight years working with clients such as Desert Willow Golf Resort and Chambers Bay Golf. Earlier this year, Kylen was named the Mady Lesnik Home Office Staffer of the Year at the annual KemperSports Awards Dinner. For 2021, he encourages teams to evaluate their current marketing and revenue generation processes and strategy from the ground up as well as develop a better understanding of the capabilities of our technology platforms and how best to utilize them. That way, teams can better piece together the “why,” “what,” and “how” to achieve their marketing and revenue goals in 2021.
  • Always focusing on marketing leadership is National Director of Marketing Services Brendan McCarthy. Brendan has been with KemperSports for almost 12 years and is responsible for all national marketing initiatives, marketing technology and overall property marketing services for the KemperSports golf portfolio. For the New Year, Brendan’s resolution is to focus on data democratization and enhancing revenue management initiatives through technology enhancements. “2021 will continue our focus on enhancing guest experiences, technology is helping us recognize and reward our best customers” notes Brendan. Read more from one of Brendan’s recent interviews

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