KemperSports Introduces Next Generation of Award-Winning Customer Service Training

Upgraded TrueService™ Rolls Out to All Properties

KemperSports has unveiled the next generation of TrueService™, its proprietary, self-developed customer service training program. The latest iteration of the program includes on-demand, online learning – a feature that enables all new KemperSports staffers to be introduced to the company’s customer service training on day one of employment so they can immediately begin to deliver exceptional customer service and understand the service culture that has led KemperSports for 40 years. Since its launch in 2012, TrueService has helped KemperSports achieve and maintain a consistency of customer service that ranks among the highest measured guest satisfaction scores in the hospitality industry.

“Happy, loyal customers are at the center of everything we do,” Gary Binder, executive vice president, KemperSports said. “TrueService is how we spread a consistent, high level of customer service training to every nook and cranny of the company – from Benton Harbor, Michigan, to Streamsong, Florida. We want staffers to embody its philosophies from day one and the upgraded program will help us do just that.”

KemperSports staffers initiate their TrueService training with a new on-demand, online course that introduces the basic program tenets in their choice of language. From there, they participate in a series of in-person, facilitator led classroom modules that bring together staffers from different departments for interactive sessions that challenge them to work through common customer service scenarios and give them tools and best practices to deliver genuine, helpful and friendly service to their guests.

“You can see TrueService at work across our property every day in the little things like a staff member greeting a customer by name or asking them about their day,” said Derek White, general manager of Desert Willow Golf Resort. “The program is powerful and it’s easy for the staff to embrace because its themes – like being genuine, helpful and friendly – are simple but memorable.”

Thanks to TrueService training, in 2018 eight KemperSports properties received the National Golf Foundation’s coveted Loyalty Awards, which are given to the facilities with the highest customer satisfaction index scores based on surveys fielded through NGF’s Golfer Survey Program. The company’s annual average Net Promoter Score across its facilities also routinely ranks above that of comparable industries. But the program’s impact can be seen in other ways as well.

“Everyone from the staff at our property to the executives in KemperSports’ home office has a welcoming, can-do attitude that has really turned Deerpath Golf Course into a gathering place for the community, said Sally Swarthout, director of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry in Lake Forest, Illinois. “I can’t say enough about the level of customer service the KemperSports team delivers – it’s outstanding.”

Since its launch in 2012, every KemperSports staffer at its managed and owned properties, in its regional offices and at its corporate headquarters has participated in TrueService training upon joining the company.

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