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Staffer Spotlight: Jennifer Cushman

The KemperSports family is made up of outstanding and dedicated professionals who have a deep passion for sports, service and people. Today, we’re proud to shine a light on Jennifer Cushman, the sales and marketing manager at The Yacht Club at Chandlers in Rockwall, Texas.

Jennifer has spent a decade working in the hospitality industry. She got her start in her hometown of Fredericksburg, Va. as a senior in high school working as a server at a local restaurant. She quickly moved her way up, and eventually found herself on the event management team, which set the stage for her career aspirations.

After moving from California to Texas in 2020, Jennifer found The Yacht Club and an opportunity to explore her passions.

“I am passionate about making memories for guests and being a part of those special memories. My goal is to give our guests the best possible experience they can have every single time they come in, and that’s what continues to drive me.”

As she comes up on two years in working for KemperSports, Jennifer says her experience has been dynamic and marked by personal and professional growth.

“I love that KemperSports has so many locations, offers for so many different career paths and shares the same core values of its clients. It’s been awesome getting to know our client, understand their vision and then making that vision a reality for the community at-large.”

Looking back to when she first started working at The Yacht Club, Jennifer shares advice she’d give to her younger self and the next generation looking to break into the golf and hospitality industry:

“This industry [hospitality] is perfect for anyone who is a “people person,” has a lot of drive and big goals! Make sure to stay positive when you have hard days, because in the end they are just that – bad days, not a bad industry!”

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  1. Stacey Talhelm on November 19, 2022 at 3:05 am

    Jennifer Cushman is so impressive in all ways. Love to see her in the spotlight

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