Executive Chef

The Spokane Club

Property Description:

The Spokane Club is the premier social and athletic club in the Inland Northwest. Established in 1890, this historic institution boasts an active membership of 1,200 individuals representing over 3,000 members. The Spokane Club’s iconic Clubhouse was designed by renowned architect Kirtland Cutter and built in 1910. This grand 55,000 square-foot structure is connected via a skybridge to the 70,000 square-foot Athletic Building, housing a world-class fitness facility.


Position Summary:

The Executive Chef at the Spokane Club oversees kitchen operations across multiple areas, including Deli Food Management, Restaurant Back of House Management, Catering Back of House Management, and Inventory Management. This role involves menu planning, food preparation, staff management, and inventory control to ensure exceptional culinary experiences across all outlets.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Deli Food Management:

  • Develop and maintain menus and plate costing for the deli, ensuring a diverse selection of high-quality food items.
  • Manage inventory for deli ingredients, ordering supplies, and minimizing waste while maximizing freshness.
  • Oversee food preparation and presentation in the deli, ensuring consistency and adherence to quality standards.
  • Supervise kitchen staff in the deli, assigning roles based on experience and skills.

Restaurant Back of House Management:

  • Create and modify menus and plate costing for the restaurant based on food trends, patron preferences, and seasonal availability.
  • Ensure efficient and safe food preparation in the restaurant kitchen, adhering to health and safety standards.
  • Manage inventory for restaurant ingredients, overseeing ordering and purchasing to maintain optimal stock levels.
  • Set prices for restaurant menu items, balancing profitability with customer satisfaction and value.
  • Supervise kitchen staff in the restaurant, providing training, performance evaluations, and constructive feedback.

Catering Back of House Management:

  • Collaborate with event planners and clients to customize menus and ensure satisfaction with catering services.
  • Ensure timely delivery and setup of catering orders, maintaining quality and presentation standards.
  • Lead kitchen staff in catering operations, coordinating food preparation and presentation for on-site and off-site events.
  • Manage inventory for catering supplies, anticipating demand, and coordinating orders to meet event requirements.
  • Plan and execute menus and plate costing for catering events, considering client preferences, dietary restrictions, and event logistics.

Inventory Management:

  • Collaborate with the General Manager to set prices for menu items, considering costs and market trends.
  • Implement inventory control procedures to prevent theft, spoilage, and overstocking of ingredients and supplies.
  • Maintain accurate records of inventory transactions, including receiving, storage, and usage.
  • Monitor inventory levels, track usage patterns, and adjust ordering to minimize waste and optimize stock rotation.
  • Oversee inventory management for all kitchen areas, including the deli, restaurant, and catering operations.
  • Regularly assess inventory management processes and identify opportunities for improvement to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Responsible for management of the food cost software program



  • Required
    • 5 years of culinary experience
    • 2 years of Executive Chef experience
    • 2 years Supervisory experience
    • 3 years Customer Service experience
  • Preferred
    • Culinary degree
    • ACF-Certified Executive Chef certification
    • Experience with food cost software



Line Cooks



Full-Time, Exempt


Salary and Benefits:

  • Full-time employees and, optionally for additional cost, their families are able to enroll for coverage by medical, dental, vision, and basic life insurance. Employees are able to enroll in our company’s 401k plan after one year.
  • Full-time employees will also accrue vacation based on hours work to a maximum of ten days per year and six paid holidays throughout the calendar year.
  • The Role is a Salary Exempt position with a Pay Range of $67,724.80 – $80,000.00 Depends on Experience.


The Spokane Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Word Document or PDF preferred.