Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We value and respect the diverse backgrounds and stories of everyone we work with – from our staff and customers all the way to the vendors we choose as partners. We’re committed to making choices that will help us build and maintain a diverse and talented workforce.

We succeed
when equality is at the forefront and we have the honor of working with people from many different communities.
That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure our recruiting practices are inclusive and we’ve committed to building partnerships that connect us with all communities.

We succeed
when creativity and innovation come from all corners of our business.
From a local municipal gem to our events, clients and our home office, our teams work alongside each other to bring different perspectives to the table. And our goal is to create a safe space for everyone to share their voice.

We succeed
when our relationships are united by passion, solutions and dedication to growing our industries.
No matter what a person’s background or ability may be, we aim to level the playing field. We look for diversity in thought and experience. And ultimately, it’s a person’s passion and ideas that make them a good addition to the KemperSports family.

As we face opportunities and challenges from all directions, we will stand behind our commitments – being fiercely loyal, valuing and protecting our family and honoring our relationships. All of this while celebrating independent voices and empowering our people to share their authentic selves to reach their greatest potential.

We’re setting the groundwork for diversity and inclusion in our business and in our industries. We look forward to working alongside others who will help us create a more inclusive world.

Core Values


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